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Airstron Boosts Productivity 20% with Operix

However, their reliance on paper tickets to manage field technicians' work was a challenging obstacle. Ensuring that each technician submitted legible, complete, and signed tickets

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Airstron is on a mission to be recognized as the premier mechanical contractor in South Florida. They achieve that mission daily by setting the standards for service, craftsmanship, technical expertise, innovation, and responsiveness.


The Paper Ticket Predicament

However, their reliance on paper tickets to manage field technicians' work was a challenging obstacle. Ensuring that each technician submitted legible, complete, and signed tickets weekly became daunting, especially since they had multiple locations. Airstron’s Office Manager explained more… 

"The entire process of tracking all the technicians and their ticket submissions had become incredibly cumbersome,” she explained. “Who knows how many we lost during the process? We had to file copies of the tickets in three different locations for the customer, invoicing, and our records. This entire process took an entire week to complete." 

This reliance on paper tickets also meant that the payroll department spent three whole workdays processing tickets and timesheets to prepare payroll - an inefficiency that needed addressing.

Airstron searched for a solution to eliminate paper and dramatically reduce the time it took to process tickets and payroll.

They found Operix.


Operix: The Game-Changer for Commercial Contracting

When the Airstron team discovered Operix they quickly saw it as a way to:

  • Streamline workflows: By eliminating paper tickets, Airstron could experience a seamless, clutter-free work environment, allowing the office team to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Enhance their field-office connectivity: The digital connection between the field and office teams promotes collaboration and real-time updates, resulting in better-informed decision-making and faster response times for the entire company.
  • Empower the field teams: By equipping their field team with digital tools to optimize their efficiency, they could complete tasks more accurately and quickly, ultimately increasing overall productivity and revenue for the company.
  • Accelerate their quoting process: By improving their quoting abilities with greater accuracy and speed, they could secure new projects while on site.
  • Expedite invoice processing: Operix could help them process their invoices much faster and with pinpoint accuracy, reducing errors and accelerating cash flow.
  • Overcome their pen-and-paper pitfalls: Operix would eliminate the frustrations and inefficiencies associated with traditional pen-and-paper methods, allowing Airstron to focus on higher-value tasks within the company.


Furthermore, Operix seamlessly integrates with leading accounting software, enabling businesses to rapidly create and distribute precise invoices, as well as create more detailed reports about the health of the company.


Airstron's Transformation


Embracing Operix led to significant, transformative results for Airstron:


  • 20% Productivity Boost – Service technicians no longer need to visit the office to process paper tickets, and staff no longer manually process those tickets, saving an entire day each week.
  • Instantaneous Invoice Processing – Because ticket processing is now automated, the invoice amount can be priced out as soon as the service ticket is signed. It takes just a few mouse clicks to generate an invoice.
  • More Strategic Decision Making – Time once spent on manual processes is now spent focusing on more strategic matters yielding better business decisions.
  • Enhanced Growth – The efficiencies that Operix brings to Airstron have significantly contributed to the growth of the business. All areas of the company have expanded.

Moreover, Operix's inquiry feature has significantly saved Airstron valuable time. "One of the standout aspects of Operix is its Inquiry function. Prior to Operix, we relied on Excel sheets and manually tracked everything. Now, we have instant visibility into open jobs, profit margins, and any unfinished projects. It's truly transformed the way we operate."


“Now that we’ve automated our tickets, we could never go back. We’d have to hire three new people! With Operix doing the heavy lifting, it’s given everyone in the office the opportunity to work on other, more strategic things. It’s been life-changing.”

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