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Gartner Refrigeration Boosts Business with Operix

“Operix has worked extremely well for us over the past ten years. It’s been a very low-drama experience. We almost take it for granted.” - Jay Koning, Co-Owner

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The Gartner Refrigeration team has developed extensive expertise in commercial and industrial HVAC, Refrigeration, and Building Automation systems since 1923. The company strives to develop long term service relationships with its customers in an effort to provide best in class services on everything from simple system service to complex solutions and long-range planning. 


A Slow Paper-Based System

For years, Gartner Refrigeration relied on a paper-based system for handling service calls. According to co-owner Jay Koning, the system became unmanageable. "We couldn’t function well as we expanded beyond 20-25 HVAC/R services, building automation, and temperature control technicians dispatched throughout a service area that stretches as far as 150 miles," he said. "Having them drive back to the office to drop off paperwork for invoicing or parts orders was difficult."

With a diverse clientele ranging from restaurants, grocery stores, and paper mills to iron mines and aircraft services, the company needed a more efficient and seamless solution to manage its complex operations.

"When we found Operix, it was a huge relief and it has been a really solid platform that has allowed us the connectivity we need with a low time commitment, so we can focus on providing our customers with quality service," shared Jay.


Operix Has Been a Seamless Solution

Operix provides a field operations platform that improves work efficiency and accuracy in completing tasks and generating invoices. This empowers field techs to increase productivity and collect cash faster. With Operix, users have a comprehensive view of all completed, ongoing, and scheduled work, enabling better management of personnel and resources.

Moreover, Operix offers effortless integration with high-quality accounting software, making it easy to create and distribute accurate invoices quickly. This simplified process reduces the need for expensive administrative costs and contributes to a more efficient workflow. By choosing Operix, businesses can optimize their operations and achieve their goals efficiently.

 “Operix has worked extremely well for us over the past ten years. It’s been a very low-drama experience. We almost take it for granted.” - Jay Koning, Co-Owner

With its close alignment with Sage and the ability to accommodate Gardner Refrigeration’s multifaceted operations, Operix presented itself as the ideal solution to help streamline the company’s processes and enhance its overall efficiency.


“Over the past ten years, Operix has been a really good fit for us,” said Jay. “The platform has always worked well. The features have grown. It has been almost seamless in its functionality.”


A Reliable and User-Friendly Experience for All


Low Maintenance & High Reliability

Operix’s “low drama” performance has allowed Jay and the company’s leadership to focus on managing the business and delivering quality service. They are pleased not to be bogged down by software-related issues.

Enhanced Efficiency

With Operix in place, the Gartner Refrigeration team increased operational efficiency by optimizing the scheduling and dispatch of technicians, reducing unnecessary travel, and minimizing downtime. This contributed to better resource management and improved productivity across the organization.

Planning for the Future

“After having used Operix for so long, we are now working with the Operix support team to improve how we use the platform to get us to a higher level,” shared Jay.

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