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Shapiro & Duncan Streamline Operations with Operix

Learn how Shapiro & Duncan went from a 12% profit margin to a 25% profit margin

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Shapiro & Duncan is a leader in the Washington, D.C. metro area in providing cutting-edge mechanical engineering and HVAC construction solutions, including design-build, fabrication, installation, and Commercial service that promote sustainability at every stage of a building’s life cycle. The company is the region’s provider of choice for complex commercial, government, and institutional projects that require first-rate performance, work quality, and customer service.


The Challenge: The Right Tools to Service Customers

Despite the great work that Shapiro & Duncan produces, the company faced various challenges in its day-to-day operations. There was a lack of accountability for field technicians. The quote generation process was inefficient. And it was challenging to track equipment maintenance for large property management clients.

These issues hindered the company’s ability to provide the best service to its customers and led to a potential loss of business.

“Serving the customer quickly is important in our industry,” explained Leslie Titcomb, Director of Commercial Service. “For instance, if we aren’t taking care of our customers immediately and getting them a quote for repairs, and a few days go by, that customer could be calling somebody else to get a quote.”

Shapiro & Duncan required a solution that would streamline quote generation, provide greater visibility for field technicians, and help the team better manage equipment maintenance for its clients. Such a solution would not only improve internal operations but would also enhance customer satisfaction and generate new business opportunities.

The Solution

To address the challenges it faced, Shapiro and Duncan implemented Operix as its comprehensive software solution.

The Operix field operations platform is designed to work together to enhance efficiency and accuracy in work completion, invoice generation, and expediting cash flow. When working with Operix, users gain a comprehensive view of all completed, ongoing, and scheduled work, enabling better personnel and resources management.

“My technicians use Operix, and nothing else,” said Leslie. “Not only can they get their call information, but they can also enter their notes and time spent on a job. And, they can easily and quickly create detailed quotes.”

In addition, Operix offers seamless integration with top-tier accounting software. This helps facilitate the quick creation and distribution of accurate invoices while reducing the need for costly administrative overhead and having to re-key information into multiple systems.

“Our sales manager swears by Operix because it has made his life so much easier by enhancing his ability to use the tasking sheets to show customers what needs to be done and what we can do. None of our competitors can do that as professionally as we can.” Leslie Titcomb, Director of Commercial Service

Improved Productivity and Performance

The implementation of Operix had an immediate impact on the company’s operations.

Enhanced Management Capabilities

“Because the technicians have all the information they need right in front of them to do their job without the office's constant involvement, the office staff can concentrate on managing other items in a timely fashion.” shared Leslie.

Boosted Revenue Cycle

When using the quote module, Leslie’s team can get quotes to customers immediately. “The quote module helps us reach our goal of getting quotes out the door the same day they are created,” she said. “This helps accelerate revenue because faster quotes mean faster approval.”

Supported Revenue Growth and Profitability

“When I came to Shapiro & Duncan, we were barely hitting $3 million in revenue with a 12 percent profit margin,” shared Leslie. “This year, we will hit $7 to $8 million with at least a 25% profit margin. That’s all just because we streamlined our business processes in the field and the office.”

Improved Customer Service

“Our technicians use the tasking module to create highly organized tasking sheets,” said Leslie. “The module pulls in a bunch of information that helps the customer understand what needs to be done and what we are doing. Those tasking sheets help us stand out from the competition.”

Helped Sales Managers

The tasking sheets also helped the company’s salesforce look good in the eyes of potential customers. “When our sales manager shows a tasking sheet to a prospect, they get excited,” said Leslie. “We’ve had prospects tell us that those sheets are exactly what they’ve been asking for from other companies for years but never got them. They make us look good.”

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