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Better Tech Workflows with Operix & XOi

At Operix, we’re all about empowering field service professionals! That’s why we’ve teamed up with XOi to bring you a platform that’s packed with features. With Operix and XOi, you can safely capture critical job site information, launch remote support, access relevant equipment documentation, and even offer your customers photos and videos of recommended and completed work.

No more struggling to keep track of everything – Operix and XOi have got you covered. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to stay organized, communicate with your team, and provide top-notch service to your customers. So why wait? Start using XOi and Operix today and see the difference for yourself!

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The Technology You Need When Your Techs Need It Most

XOi’s integration with Operix helps to get the most out of your techs! We provide your team with all the tools, resources, and training they need to get the job done right, the first time around. We know that everyone has different skill levels and experiences, but with XOi, you can rest assured that your team will have everything they need to succeed.

Our holistic communication tool is designed to make things easy for technicians. With smart technology, they can take photos and videos, access on-the-job training and support, and get their hands on tons of equipment documentation, manuals, diagrams, and more. It’s like having a whole library of resources right at their fingertips!

The Benefits of the Operix and XOi Vision Integration

With XOi Vision, you’ll have everything you need to manage your jobs, share knowledge with your team, and even make live video calls – all in one easy-to-use communication tool.

No more juggling different apps or tools – XOi has got you covered! With our seamless integration, you can enhance your workflow and improve communication with your team in a snap. Whether you’re a technician on the go or managing multiple jobs, XOi Vision is the perfect solution for all your needs.

Operix / XOi for Techs

  • Complete work faster.
  • Verify work with jobsite photos and videos.
  • Hone skills with on-the-job training and support.

Operix / XOi for Managers

  • Remotely view work quality.
  • Verify job completion.
  • Keep tabs on past and present jobs.

Operix / XOi for Customers

  • Better communicate with technicians.
  • Understand the work that needs to be done.
  • Trust the work was completed.
The Three C’s of XOi Vision


With our easy-to-use platform, you can take pictures and videos before, during, and after every job – giving your customers and office a virtual look at your work.

It’s never been easier to keep everyone in the loop! With XOi, you can showcase your skills and share your progress in real-time, all without leaving the job site. So go ahead and snap away – your team and customers will love seeing what you’re up to!


Want to ensure every job is a success? XOi has got you covered! With instant access to documents, manuals, diagrams, and more, your techs will have everything they need to get the job done right the first time.

No more searching through piles of paperwork or spending hours on research – XOi makes it easy to find the information you need, exactly when you need it. Plus, with our user-friendly platform, your techs can focus on the task at hand and feel confident that they have all the resources they need to succeed.


Need an extra hand on the job? XOi has got you covered! With remote video support, you can bring the expertise of your most experienced technicians to every jobsite – no matter where they are.

Operix, combined with the XOi platform makes it easy to connect with your team and get the help you need, right when you need it. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or need some guidance on a new task, XOi’s remote video support ensures that you’ll always have the resources you need to succeed.

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