Maikayla Desjardins
VP of Marketing

Maikayla Desjardins

Maikayla brings a wealth of experience in driving growth for innovative companies

Meet Maikayla

Maikayla brings a wealth of experience in driving growth for innovative companies. She has worked with several notable companies throughout her career, including Briq, where she served as Senior Director of Marketing - Growth, and Inertia Systems, where she worked as Director of Marketing. In these roles, Maikayla played a critical role in driving growth and expanding these businesses.

Maikayla has also worked with Procore Technologies, where she helped to manage risk and build quality projects. She also served as Head of Marketing for Spoutable, a technology company that provides web monetization solutions, and as Sr. Marketing Manager for Zingle, a software solution that helps businesses communicate with customers via texting and other mobile messaging channels.

In addition to her impressive professional background, Maikayla is also a dedicated volunteer, having served as a Big Sister Mentor for the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation and as a Junior Board Member for the Leila Grace Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides prevention programs for campus safety to colleges.

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Maikayla Desjardins

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