Construction and Service Software Integrations

Software Solutions for Service

Streamline field service with state-of-the-art features that optimize workflows, organize processes and support data integrity – in the office and on site.

Time & Attendance

Track time, attendance and labor with ease and efficiency. We all know work orders aren’t a one-size-fits-all process. With Operix, you can manage and maintain real-time time and attendance information from the field, get hyper- specific information about employee hours, job sites and assignments, and flow all your data through a robust approval process that links to your payroll platform. This means your thumb is always on the pulse of productivity and capacity for your business.


Convert more estimates, close more deals and win over more clients with IFS Core’s Quote feature. Whether a request for work begins with your field tech or a call to your sales team, accurate, easy-to-read quotes are an essential first step in the service lifecycle. Provide “to-the-penny” pricing estimates for labor, parts, and miscellaneous costs, generate eye- catching quotes for customer approval, and roll it all into actionable work orders for immediate dispatching.


Don’t get caught in the dark on whether you can stock parts and materials for your customers on time. That’s how the quality of your service suffers. With IFS Core’s innovative Inventory solutions, you can ensure field staff have immediate visibility into inventory, no matter where they are. This means less unpleasant surprises for dispatched work orders, more satisfied customers and on-time projects, and enhanced profitability from the elimination of surplus stocking and ordering.


Say goodbye to chasing down signatures and missing paperwork. With Operix’s convenient, customizable Forms solution, you can create any form you want — from safety and compliance paperwork to job site inspections to equipment commission reports and material request forms — right from the field, with zero paper.

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Forms & Tasking

Tap into a flexible, fully optimized Form solution. Manage inspections your way with Operix’s custom form tool, which lets you brand your own documents, take advantage of built-in logic, and make the entire inspection process easier for everyone involved.

Need a more robust solution? Operix’s highly-configurable, asset-based tasking tool helps streamline preventative maintenance inspections at locations with large quantities of equipment.

Documentation & Risk Management

Build accountability into everyday work activities and identify and resolve issues that impact jobsite safety. With Operix’s fully integrated Forms solution, you can capture safety forms straight from the field and automatically send identified hazards to a safety manager or CEO.

Are you an HVAC/R contractor with specialized needs? Our Refrigerant Tracking Tool can help you track refrigerant usage to ensure your customers always meet their EPA reporting requirements.

Accounting System Integration

Ditch the manual data entry, reduce payroll processing time and dramatically increase accounting efficiency with Operix’s Accounting System Integration. Our solutions accurately integrate from- the-field data with your existing ERP, accounting and business systems, so your front office staff can speed up the billing cycle and get everyone paid faster.

Service Agreements

Create and manage service agreements, for customers by location,, schedule service work (including preventative maintenance) based on agreement terms and timetables, and oversee cost and revenue for all service agreements.