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Field Service management Software Compatible with QuickBooks

Running an efficient commercial contracting business is tough. Right now, your field service management might mean that technicians and office staff are managing every aspect of the business from scheduling and inventory management to processing payment and invoices. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our software is here to help.

Operix is the leading field service software for commercial contractors who want to streamline their operations and accelerate profitability. Our platform helps commercial contractors get paid faster by eliminating double data entry and centralizing all fieldwork into one accessible view. Furthermore, we’ve designed it for QuickBooks Online. That means better reports, tracking and billing are yours for the taking.

Here’s what Operix and Quickbooks integration can do for your field service management platform.

Operix on the Go

The Operix Mobile App allows users to work uninterrupted without having to worry about the presence of a Wi-Fi or cell signal. Such a difference may seem small, but it can make all the difference to your business when productivity matters.

Mobile App Online or Offline

Work Orders Built From Real-Time Information

Work Orders Built from Real-Time Information

Operix digitally connects your field team and office staff, removing manual, repetitive tasks from their workday — allowing them to focus on the activities that drive the most value to your bottom line.

From describing, categorizing and updating work orders to eliminating inaccurate data, our field service software takes care of the small stuff. With Operix, you’re able to:

  • Easily generate and assign each work order using templates and custom labels.
  • Attach documents, images, service history and other data to enhance service information.
  • Optimize your scheduling with estimated working hours, ensuring that contractors have realistic expectations for each assignment.
  • Keep everyone on the same page when projects change or new requests are made.

Real-time communication helps every technician and administrator work faster, more efficiently, with improved customer service. Before you know it, you’re ready to invoice.

Simplify Your Field Service Billing

Manual invoicing is laborious and error-prone. Customer rates can be tough to keep track of, especially with fixed quotes or on-demand maintenance. Operix solves payment delays by streamlining your billing process while making it far more accurate and transparent. The result? Rapid invoicing that always reflects the work you accomplish. Look forward to:

  • Automated billing and invoicing based on a completed work order.
  • Real-time tracking for the hours a technician spends on the job, replacing a paper time card.
  • Automated pricing adjustments if more work is due or service contracts increase in scope.
  • Seamless integration with your QuickBooks account.

Get Rid of Paperwork in the Field

Streamline your workflow, eliminate paperwork, and maximize your team’s output and time. Operix for QuickBooks Online leaves pen and paper behind, where it belongs. You’ll be amazed at how efficient your teams will become with zero admin headaches or second guessing. By connecting your field and office staff, you’ll:

  • Avoid mistakes and lost records associated with paper checklists, safety protocols and inspection forms.
  • Upload and share critical work order documentation in a unified mobile hub.
    Hold each field technician accountable for their work, with evidence to back it up.
  • Receive alerts to keep your teams informed about a specific job and on track for scheduling.

One View for Your Entire Field Service Business

Operix removes administrative pains so you can focus on growing your company. Thanks to our QuickBooks field service management software, you’re able to digitally link everything that happens before, during and after an assignment with your back-office system. Our platform provides:

  • A centralized database for all service requests to offer simple, accessible tracking and priorities.
  • A real-time perspective on the work that’s due, complete or awaiting payment, so you can make better business decisions and forecasts.
  • Thorough analysis on technician performance based on estimated hours versus actual hours they’ve spent in the field.
  • Rapid data exports to Excel or other platforms for additional visualizations.
  • An offline feature to ensure you’re connected in any environment, regardless of the available digital signal, in our Operix mobile app.

More Revenue, Fewer Overheads

Field service software with QuickBooks integration brings a new level of automation into play for same-day invoicing and near-instant quotes in the field. We believe in working with the accounting software you have, rather than overhauling it. This helps you save cash on fresh investments while reducing overheads and administrative costs.

Operix’s solution for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online gives technicians the chance to offer quotes themselves, empowering them to upsell and win new business on the spot. All you have to do is review the request and sign it off!

Customers will appreciate such a rapid turnaround, as well as an invoice that’s free of errors or oversights. This ultimately leads to quicker payments, stronger first impressions and increased profitability.

Try our field service management software compatible with QuickBooks. Whether you’re a small business or a vast enterprise, there’s so much to gain. Book a free demo, or speak to the Operix team to learn more.

Reduce Administrative Work and Increase Accuracy

Relieve your dispatchers, service managers and accounting staff from hours of manual data entry while ensuring the accuracy of your work orders, billing and payroll.


Generate service tickets with predefined work descriptions, so detailed documentation is presented professionally for billing and customer review.


Create QuickBooks Online integrated purchase orders from the field to speed up Work Order completion.


Simplify payroll processing by instantly capturing time.


Enable technicians to take payments, collect signatures and email receipts, straight from the service location itself.