Our Mission

We empower our customers to optimize Field Operations with intuitive, integrated, resilient technological solutions.

Our Vision

To be a market leader for service providers and specialty contractors by enabling connection, innovation and growth in an effort to build a better world.

About Operix

Founded in 2007, Operix, Empowers Field Operations through Technology for MEP and other specialty contractors. Operix optimizes the labor and material resources of Field Operations by seamlessly integrating with a variety of state-of-the-art productivity and accounting platforms. With over 30,000 users, Operix continues to build and maintain Sage Field Operations in a strategic partnership with Sage Software.  Above all else, at Operix, we’re helpers. Whether it’s in the office or out in the field, we help you succeed from wherever you stand.

Jay Annarelli

Jay Annarelli

CEO & Co-Founder

Jay has deep roots in the industry having served as the 3rd generation to oversee his family’s company, Medford Wellington Service, one of New England’s most respected commercial HVAC & Refrigeration contractors. Having grown the family business by over 300% before co-founding Operix, Jay has a passion for sharing his expertise with other owners to achieve their full potential. In addition to his leadership role at Operix, Jay also serves on the Board of Directors for Medford Wellington allowing him to stay close to the commercial contracting world that Operix supports.


Adam Spera

Adam Spera

CTO and Co-Founder 

Adam has a deep passion for technology in the construction and accounting spaces. Prior to co-founding Operix with Jay, he developed best practices for integrating with ERP systems while working for several fortune 500 Companies.   Adam works closely with our Engineering and Product teams to ensure we deliver products that help our customers solve their most challenging business problems.

Robert Cameron

Robert Cameron

Chief Revenue Officer

Phil Doherty

VP of Engineering

Will Ivy

Director of Product Management

Kathleen Sherman

Kathleen A. Sherman

Partner Enablement Manager

Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor

Director of Customer Success